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Les Éléments

Les Éléments is ALF’s collection of Copper and Brass selections which are handmade in India.

Copper vessels such as water bottles and pitchers are believed by Ayurveda practitioners to positively charge the body resulting in: better digestion; flushing out of toxins; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging effects; breaking down of body fat, and brain stimulation.

Copper pans are preferred by chefs as it an excellent conductor of heat and is very good for top-of-range cooking. It provides even distribution of heat throughout the pan’s cooking surface. Copper pots and pans also help to prepare delicate sauces and dishes that need to be prepared at strictly controlled temperatures. They also make for lovely decor for your kitchen and dining table.

Premium Copper Shaker & Jiggger

Premium Copper Shaker & Jiggger

from 1,199.00
Hammered Copper Serving Dish

Hammered Copper Serving Dish

Hammered Copper-Steel Tadka Frying Pan

Hammered Copper-Steel Tadka Frying Pan

from 1,299.00
Leak Free Hammered Copper Water Bottle 9BCFFF99-583A-47E5-AB8A-1DA6E429C026.jpeg

Leak Free Hammered Copper Water Bottle

Hammered Copper Glassware Photo 30-10-2018, 5 39 51 PM.jpg

Hammered Copper Glassware

Hammered Copper Pitcher Photo 30-10-2018, 5 39 10 PM.jpg

Hammered Copper Pitcher