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Gem Water Bottles

Gem Water Bottles

Gem Water Bottles

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We recommend infusing your water for at least ten minutes.

Elevate your drinking water with the ALF Encased Gem Water Bottles (550ml). These bottles are not only beautiful to carry around to ensure that you get your daily 3 liters of H20, but they look beautiful on your dining tables as well.

The best part is that they create Gem or crystal infused water in just 10 minutes.Gem water is water that has been "informed" by crystals, which because of its biochemical effect, is used as a therapeutic aid (Gienger, Michael and Goebel, Joachin, GEM WATER, Findhorn Press, 2008).

Gem or crystal infused water is an ancient tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. As early as 1st Century, AD, doctors such as Pedanius Diskurides to Saint Hildegard of Bingen (12th Century, AD), have used crystals or gemstones for healing. Gemstone or Crystal healing is therefore not a trend or marketing gimmick.

Drinking from a Crystal Elixir helps to transfer the energy of the crystal into your body physically and mentally, as H20 helps transport nutrients in the body. When gem water is taken internally, it has similar effects to when the crystals themselves are used in healing. The crystals DO NOT dissolve in water, but it is solely the energy from the crystal that is conveyed (Gienger, Michael and Goebel, Joachin, GEM WATER, Findhorn Press, 2008). Infusing water with crystals brings a multitude of benefits.

Laboratory tests and medical studies have proven that water crystals are positively charged by the infusion of crystals. (Hagalis AG - Crystal Analysis, Quality Inspection, Quality Consulting, Medical Diagnosis, Ueberlingen, Germany 2008) This is shown in the way water crystals are rearranged after said infusions.

ALF has handpicked gems which can be used for water infusions over long periods of time, making them suitable for your day-to-day drinking water.

Clear Quartz promotes general well-being and stimulates brain function. Balances the energy of positivity, healing, connection, and wisdom. It’s also used to treat headaches, migraines, and vertigo.

Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love helps to heal emotions, harness the energy of compassion, healing, and nourishment.

Amethyst is the natural stress reliever. It cleanses the body of negative energy such as anger, anxiety, and fear.

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Make sure your hands are disinfected before cleaning your crystals. Clean your crystals by rinsing them thoroughly under cold running water and a gentle soap. Rub the crystal vigorously with your thumb for 1 minute, to cleanse and purify the energy of the crystal. Disinfecting with alcohol from time to time also prevents the growth of bacteria--this method requires you to rinse the alcohol thoroughly so as not to affect the way the crystals inform the water.