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Malachite Bone China

Malachite Bone China

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  • Premium Bone China

  • Malachite is all about positive change, protection from negativity, renewal and abundance.

  • Channel the good vibes of malachite with our beautiful green and gold bone china pieces.

  • Available for pre-orders (delivery is approximately 2 weeks from cut-off).


What is Bone China?

Bone China is a High Grade Porcelain known for its transparency. When Bone China pieces are held against the light, you will notice their excellent transparency as light passes through them. 

Bone China is known as such because the originated in China between 960 and 1127 A.D., when they were made for the royal family during the Song Dynasty. English potter Josiah Spode later on added ground ox bones to create a light and stronger finished product with a more translucent appearance.

ALF Bone China

Our Bone China pieces have superior hardness, being the strongest kind of porcelain. They contain zero toxins and are safe for daily use.

China still makes the best Bone China. 

For Bone China to be certified in China, it must be composed of 36% bone ash. However, this particular style has a 46% bone ash component. Our Bone China Plates were inspected and certified by the National Light Industrial Ceramics Quality Supervision Department and were found to be up to standard.


• 12” Charger Plate

• 10” Dinner Plate

• 8” Salad/Dessert Plate

• 6” Bread Plate

Care Tips

Hand wash your ALF Bone China in clean, warm water (never boiling).

Pieces with no gold accents are microwaveable. However, we advise to avoid microwaving them altogether.

Real Bone China pieces have abrasive bottoms, thus it is best to place thick napkins covering the entire bottom in between each piece when stacking.

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