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Hammered Copper Serving Dish

Hammered Copper Serving Dish



• Bring more heat, intensity and flavor to your cooking with our Indian Copper Pans.

• Preferred by Chefs, as copper is an excellent heat conductor. It provides even distribution of heat through the pan’s cooking surface.

• Durable, hygienic and corrosion-resistant.

• Copper has an antibacterial effect, as germs and bacteria cannot survive on copper.

• Like glass cookware, this is not compatible with Induction Ranges.

• Handmade in INDIA.

• Available for pre-orders (in stock in India)

• Delivery is approximately 1-2 weeks from order cut-off.

Size & Weight

• 2.8” x 7.7”

• 500grams

Care Tips

Copper is scratch sensitive. Use a gentle soap and sponge to clean. To polish, use an anti-tarnish cream to clean the copper finish on your cookware or through the traditional way, which is by soaking a soft cloth in lemon juice mixed with salt and gently wiping the copper pots or pans with it. Don't use abrasive cleaners such as oven cleaners or baking soda, as these may damage the copper finish. Allow your cookware to cool before cleaning to prevent warping. Store your copper in a dry place.

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