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Abaca Leaf Trays

Abaca Leaf Trays

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What is Abaca?

Abaca, or Manila Hemp, is produced from the fibers of the abaca plant, a species of banana native to the Philippines.

ALF Abaca Leaf Trays

ALF’s Abaca Leaf Trays are curated by advocates of the local weaving industry, sourcing woven products made by local Philippine artisans. Because of their close attention to detail and quality, these pieces are at par with export quality abaca products.


  • Extra-Long Leaf Tray 30 x 12.5 inches

  • Long Leaf Tray 22.5 x 9.5 inches

How to Use Your Abaca Leaf Trays

ALF ‘s Abaca Leaf Trays are perfect for serving and storing bread, pastries and fruit. They can also be used as hot plates on your dining and buffet tables. Unleash your creativity and create a gorgeous tablescape with the ALF Abaca Leaf Trays.

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