À la Fourchette

About Us

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ALF stands for À la Fourchette, which literally means “with a fork” in French. Our brand offers curated home and table ware from both local and international sources.

À la Fourchette is all about good taste and revolutionizing the way you shop for flatware, drinkware, fine china and all the accoutrements that make up a lovely tablescape. Celebrate the "everyday" by dressing up your table, the center of all family and social interactions, with our made-to-order and curated pieces that will change the way you eat and drink.

We specialize mainly in Bone China Dinnerware that is a High Grade Porcelain known for its transparency. It was originally made for the royal family during the Song Dynasty. Our Bone China plates were inspected and certified to be up to standard by the National Industrial Ceramics Quality Supervision Department in China.

You may contact us at hello@shopalf.com to request for menu access or if you would prefer to settle your payments via bank deposit, instead of through your credit card directly on the website.


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